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Turf Raiders launched on Google Play Store

Turf Raiders Card Battle is now available on Google Play Store! It’s taken 14 months and over 8.5 man months of effort to reach this milestone, but it’s been worth it. Turf Raiders Card Battle (or Turf Raiders for short) is both a card strategy and a territory strategy game. The result of this combination [...]

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Hyper Grav update now available

Hyper Grav is now officially available on Google Play and in the Google Chrome Store. New  features added include multiple difficulty levels and multiple control schemes. Some other minor changes include better support for tablets and a minor face-lift to the the in-game art. With that said, the update did not proceed exactly as [...]

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‘Turf’ gets a home page

I’m pleased to announce that ‘Turf’ (working title) now has its own official home page. ‘Turf’ is a strategy title for Android and iOS where players compete for territory using words. It is also Wappworks Studio’s  second official title currently under development. Stay tuned for further details…

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Website is now better, faster…

Okay, maybe the site isn’t really any better, but it is faster… and faster is always better. Yesterday, I finally decided to take the plunge and upgrade my web hosting plan. The result has been nothing short of impressive. I can now get down to the task of writing updates in a matter of seconds, [...]

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Introducing YAAK.js (Yet Another Audio Kit Javascript library)

YAAK.js (Yet Another Audio Kit) is an HTML5 game audio system for web browsers and native HTML5 accelerator platforms such as CocoonJs and AppMobi. The audio system is battle hardened having been extracted from Wappworks Studio’s first published title, Hyper Grav. YAAK.js is distributed under the FreeBSD Open Source license. Key System Features Audio loading/caching [...]

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‘Hyper Grav’ now available for Web and Android

We’re pleased to announce the official launch of our first title – ‘Hyper Grav’. Hyper Grav is a cerebral action game in the same vein as ‘Thrust’, ‘Lunar Lander’ and ‘Graviton’. It’s available online in your web browser or for Android through the Google Play store. Hyper Grav was built in HTML5 using Ludei’s CAAT [...]

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Our privacy policy has been revised

We’re literally days away from the launch of our first mobile game. As such, we’re revising our privacy policy to include our  mobile app policies. You can find the privacy policy here.

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Accounting: The Right Balance

As discussed in my previous article (Accounting:  A necessary Evil), accounting ranks pretty low in the popularity scale.  So keeping it simple is probably your best bet to making sure that you consistently track your receipts and expenditures. Consistency in getting your bookkeeping done is what you want to make sure happens.   Yes … the [...]

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KineticJS-Ext added to the portfolio

We’ve officially added KineticJS-Ext to our studio portfolio. KineticJS-Ext is a rendering engine built around the multiple canvas layers paradigm. It’s based on Eric Rowell’s KineticJS engine. Please visit our KineticJS-Ext portfolio page for more information.

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Portfolio section added

We’ve added a portfolio section to the website in order to make it easier to find our products. Expect the page to be updated regularly as the studio continues to churn out products. The portfolio link can be found in the website’s primary menu at the top of the page.

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