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Turf Raiders submitted for iTunes review

It’s 2 am in the morning and I’m too excited to sleep. Just a few minutes ago, Turf Raiders version 0.9.5 was successfully submitted to iTunes for review. Which brings me one step closer to having the game available for IOS. Now, it’s off to my man cave for a ‘Cheers’ viewing marathon on Netflix [...]

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Major bug fixes in next Turf Raiders update

Another week has gone past and another major bug bites the dust. Tell me if the following story sounds familiar: you’re trying your best to beat the AI but your effort is in vain. You’re headed for certain defeat in the next round. Then just as the AI is about to clinch its victory, it [...]

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ReliableTimerJs: A better window.setTimeout()

The problem with window.setTimeout() is that it does not guarantee that timer callback will be executed in a predefined order. Here’s are some Internet posts from users who have encountered this issue: Stack Overflow: Are equal timeouts executed in order in Javascript? Stack Overflow: Queue of window.setTimeout( handler, delay ) I ran into this problem on Turf Raiders (Google [...]

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Book authoring is hard…

Shameless plug – go check out my first published book, ‘Instant Audio Processing with Web Audio‘ from Packt Publishing. The book provides step-by-step instructions on some of the more common Web Audio use cases along with detailed explanations of how it all works. Getting the book out has been a long and winding road – [...]

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Turf AI: Designing the AI analysis model

In my last entry, I presented an overview of Turf’s AI system. This time, I’m going to focus specifically on implementing its analysis model. Analyzing the Game State In Turf, the AI distills the complexities of the game state into a set of perceptions. Perceptions represent what the AI ‘sees’ - each perception represents an aspect of [...]

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Turf AI: A high level overview

In my previous post, I discussed Turf AI’s high level goals/features. Now, it’s time to look at the AI’s overall design. Broadly speaking, the AI execution is broken into 2 distinct phases: The analysis phase In the analysis phase, the AI examines the game state and produces a state analysis and a list of valid AI actions [...]

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Defining Turf’s AI design requirements

With the gameplay model locked down, it’s time to kick off Turf’s AI development (and it’s accompanying developer journal). The first thing I’m going to do is define its key goals/features: No cheating The AI will be privy to exactly the same game information as a human player. It must have personality I should be [...]

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Turf’s gameplay model is feature complete

Okay. So I’ve slipped my original ship date by 5 months… But things are looking up – Turf’s gameplay model is now feature complete. Now, it’s on to the actual AI programming – my most favorite aspect of game programming. This time, I’m going to try something different by blogging about what I’m planning to [...]

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Communicating with reviewers through the Google Play Store

Did you know that you can communicate with your app reviewers through the Google Play Store? Well, if you did – good for you. Me, personally, I didn’t even know the functionality existed until I saw it being done on a different game. That’s when I started doing some digging into this feature and discovered [...]

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Another sprint, another milestone

After a grueling 3-week sprint session, the game system architecture is in. I’ve been working especially hard on presentation and turn replays. My biggest bet on the game design is that the ability to replay an opponent’s turn will increase greater game attachment by promoting stronger rivalry. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays [...]

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