Our Philosophy

People first

We view our studio members as family. We provide the encouragement and mentoring they need to grow so they can do their best work. We view our clients the same way.

Passion for our work

We love building stuff. We love problem solving. And we love turning ideas/concepts into shippable products.

Our History

Started as an indie development studio

Founded on November 2011, in Vancouver, with a focus on developing our own indie mobile game IPs.

Pivot to third party development

In May 2014, we pivoted and focused on third party development to pay bills. Our long term plan is to return to producing our own IPs.

Meet the Team

Chris Khoo

Chris Khoo
Production / Tech


Yu Kid Chan
Production / Design

Larri Lacerda

Larri Lacerda
Design  / Analytics

Vicky Tam

Vicky Tam