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‘Hyper Grav’ now available for Web and Android

We’re pleased to announce the official launch of our first title – ‘Hyper Grav’.

Hyper Grav is a cerebral action game in the same vein as ‘Thrust’, ‘Lunar Lander’ and ‘Graviton’. It’s available online in your web browser or for Android through the Google Play store.

Hyper Grav was built in HTML5 using Ludei’s CAAT engine. The web code base was then compiled into a native Android app using using¬†CocoonJs by Ludei¬† – a mobile HTML5 acceleration platform for Android and iOS.

For the official game blurb, please visit the official Hyper Grav home page.

About ChrisK

Chris Khoo cut his teeth on programming writing BASIC programs on a ZX Spectrum back in 1985. Since then, he's graduated to programming on the web and on nearly all the game consoles released since the mid-90's. Chris remains an active member of the software industry and is currently operating as indie developer and founder of Wappworks Studio.
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